A letter from the prince


Since the dawn of time countless stories have been written. But this story is ours, and it shall be our legacy.

This is a young world and has yet to be fully explored. As such, most of the inhabited areas are small. However, there is one central civilized location that has been established. The city is known as Novus and it resides in an area referred to as The Crucible.

Or, at least, it did.

A recent event has all but wiped the city off the face of the planet. It began with a muted explosion that washed across the land. It was unlike anything anyone had witnessed before. Rather than a high pitched ring accompanied by a forceful blast, the sound was more of a low rumbling followed by a cool breeze. It was followed by a darkness that slowly blanketed the area. The change was slow enough that it went unnoticed for some time, but the people eventually began to realize that the daylight wasn’t as vibrant. And the occurrence of abhorrent and demonic sightings increased.

No on is sure exactly what happened, but what they do know frightens them. Rumors have begun to spread that Novus was the source of the darkness but it can’t be confirmed because no one that has gone to scout the area has returned.


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